Maratha Vadhuvar

Maratha Vadhu Var Wedding Rituals

Maratha Vadhuvar

We all know India’s diversity, so when we discuss about Maratha Vadhuvar wedding rituals then every religion has their own cultures, rituals and attires. Everyone is heard of big Indian weddings that take place many days. Maratha wedding ceremony is simple, traditional and cheerful themselves. It’s all about finding joy in the little things.

Here we discuss about pre-wedding, wedding and post-wedding of Maratha Vadhuvar wedding Rituals. The wedding happens during the daytime, as they believe it is the most auspicious time of the day! Now we start with pre-wedding rituals,

1. Lagnaach Bedior

The first ritual after fixing in Maratha marriage is Lagnaach Bedior. A priest matches the horoscopes of groom and bride and then fixes auspicious day and time for the wedding ceremony. After this ritual actually starts rituals of Maratha wedding ceremony.

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2. Sakhar Puda

 This is basically engagement ceremony. This ceremony is held some days before the wedding day. The groom’s mother applies haldi-kumkum on bride’s forehead and gifts her saree, jewellery, and Sakhar Puda or sweets. The bride’s mother follows the same rituals with groom. After that, the couple exchanges engagement rings. 

3. Kelvan

This ritual performs just a day or two days before the wedding, the families of bride and groom offer puja to their deities, and ask for blessing for a happy union for couple. A feast for families and close friends follows puja. This ritual is important because in India blessings of elder and deity is important.

4. Halad Chadavane

The married women related the bride and groom perform Halad Chadavane or haldi on the wedding day. They put a turmeric paste on the bride/groom’s forehead, shoulder, hands, knees and feet with a mango leaf. This ritual celebrates very pomp in Maharashtra.

Now we discuss about wedding ceremony rituals,

5. Punyavachan

Maratha Marriage start with a Ganesh puja. When the bride reaches at wedding venue, her parents ask all the elder relatives to bless her and her marriage all the happiness in world. In India, blessings from our elders is considered good luck and no occasion is complete without it. 

6. Antrapat

In this rituals, Before the bride enters mandap, the groom is already waiting for her. To block his view of the bride, an Antrapat or curtain is hung in front of him. The Antrapat is removed only once the bride is sitting exactly opposite him.

7. Sankalp/Jaimala

 Sankalp is also called jaimala in Maratha marriage, during which the bride and groom put a beautiful garland of flowers of their choice around each other’s necks in front of their friends and families. In turn, the friends and family shower the couple with flowers or white rice(akshada). It signifies that they both have accepted each other as husband and wife.

8. Kanyaadan

 In many cultures, Kanyaadan is considered the most important ritual, where the father of bride gives away his daughter to the groom with his blessings. In turn, the groom promises to love and cherish her forever.

9. Lajahoma

In this ritual, the groom repeats three mantras after the father of the bride and the bride silently utters the fourth mantra. The bride’s parents then tie a turmeric thread on the couple’s forehead. The groom finishes this ritual by tying the mangalsutra on the bride’s neck and sprinkling sindoor on her forehead.

10. Saptapadhi

 The couple takes seven rounds around the holy fire. The bride required touch seven betel nuts placed on top of small mounds of rice with her right feet. Once the seven rounds are done, she places her foot on grindstone, while the groom holds her hand or foot, symbolizing that she needs to be strong and he will always support her.

Now we discuss about post-wedding ceremony,

11. Varat

Varat is ritual where the bride bids farewell to her family and leaves for her new house with her new family. It’s usually a procession that follows the bride till her in-laws’ house. While the bride bids her goodbyes.

12. Grihpravesh

The groom’s family welcomes the newly couple. The mother of the groom performs an aarti. The bride has to push a kalash down-filled with rice, with the help of her feet. The kalash is then kept on the threshold of the house.

This way Maratha celebrate wedding ceremony with simple, traditional and happiness. In fact, the two words that truly describe is minimalist and vibrant. So here we seen rituals of Maratha wedding happens, hope you will get information about wedding rituals in this blog. it might be celebrating these differ culture wise.  You are looking forward for groom/bride then do registration in Disha VadhuVar Suchak Kendra. They have lots verified profile. You will meet your soulmate or perfect life partner here. Thank you Disha Vadhu Var for providing best service…!

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